Fall 2017 Registration Info for Current McAuliffe Families

Fall 2017 Registration Info for Current McAuliffe Families

Open Enrollment Dates: Thurs, Feb 2nd to Wed, Feb 15th.


Kindergarten Registration Dates (at neighborhood school): Mon Jan 23rd - Wed Feb 15th.


Hours of Registration: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. 



Kindergarten Registration information


If you have an incoming kindergartener, you will need to register your child at your neighborhood school beginning Jan 23rd and bring the registration RECEIPT to McAuliffe between Feb 2nd - Feb 15th to enter the lottery for the fall. Everyone enters the lottery and those with current siblings will get priority registration after the lottery. You must bring that receipt during the open enrollment window in order to enter the lottery for the fall. To get registration information for your neighborhood school, contact that school.


All other grades including Middle School


If you have a child who will be leaving McAuliffe (this includes 5th, 6th or 7th grade to go to your neighborhood middle school), you will need to go to that school during the open enrollment dates (Feb 2nd - Feb 15th) to fill out a transfer form. Once you do that and get your place at that school, that becomes your home school. If you do nothing, then McAuliffe automatically remains your home school. Admission at your neighborhood school will drop your spot on the McAuliffe roster for fall 2017.



Registration information for Cupertino Union School District: CLICK HERE