Must have at least a two inch binder with 7 tab dividers. Notebooks/Binders will be a weekly organizational grade.



Notebook/Binder Check Rubric

Notebooks will be checked every Friday or at the teacher’s discretion. Please follow these simple organizational rules.


  1. All papers in appropriate subject tab divider                       ____10pts
  2. No papers in the front or back pockets                                ____10pts
  3. All papers are hole punched (not hole ripped)                    ____10 pts
  4. All papers are in decent condition

                 (Not wrinkled, ripped, balled up, rolled up, etc…)                                                                                             ____10pts

  1. Overall Appearance                                                                ____10pts

(Not missing any parts, no inappropriate writing, profanity, etc)                      


                                                                                      Total ____50pts




Notebook grades will be an individual 50 point grade each week.


Stay organized, your grade depends on it!








This event occurs on a single day.