Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is the fee for playing sports at Cocoa High?

A: Brevard County is not a Pay for Play district so there are no direct fees for participation in sports at CHS. However, some individual sports may ask for fees to purchase t-shirts or other individual gear. All sports will have fundraising that is designed to offset many costs associated with the sport.


Q: How often will an athlete have practice?

A: Most middle school and high school teams have practice 4 - 5 days a week. Practices are usually 1-2 hours long but vary depending on the sport and coach.


Q: How does a student become part of a team?

A: Each sport has a try-out, read the Tiger Telegram regularly and check the website often for try-out information.


Q: What does a student need to try-out?

A: A complete athletic packet must be completed prior to try-outs. The packet consists of Cocoa High Sportmanship rules and responsibilities, EL2 (Physical), EL3 (Parent-player agreement), EL3CH (Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest), transportation release, and a basic information sheet. Some sports require certain protective gear as well so please check with the coach for all gear requirements prior to try-outs. Please make sure you schedule a physical every year in time to try out for your desired sport.


Q: How often do I need to get a physical?

A: Physicals (and all forms in the athletic packet) are required to be completed every calendar year.


Q: Can my Homeschool or Private School student participate in sports at Cocoa High?

A: Yes, there is additional paperwork and residency requirements please come in to the front office and meet with Coach Mark Carstens, Athletic Director, to discuss all requirements several weeks before try-outs to ensure all paperwork is completed in time.


Q: What sports can my middle school student participate in while at CHS?

A: Middle school students can participate in all sports offered at CHS. They will be evaluated just like all other athletes at try-outs and be offered a spot on the most appropriate team based on their skill level and abilities. There are two specifically designated teams for middle school students only, Middle School basketball which is offered at the beginning of the school year and Middle School track which starts at the beginning of January. These two teams are comprised of ONLY middle school students and they only compete against other middle school students. However, middle school students with great skill may be asked to compete on the high school level after their middle school season is over.