No Excuses University

No Excuses University

ImageAs part of a No Excuses University, Coleman Elementary Staff believe that ALL students can learn and that each can achieve the dream of attending college. In addition, staff expose students to college symbolism, whether it be through the college flags/banners or through different college vocabulary (i.e. professor, G.P.A., dormitory, etc.).  Our school works with six "exceptional systems" to help students reach success, which include a Culture of Universal Achievement, Collaboration, Relevant Assessments, Data Analysis, and Appropriate Interventions.


In addition, each teacher has a bulletin board dedicated to NEU.  Some examples are shown below.  For more information about NEU, please visit


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Below is a list of classroom teachers and their universities.  Teachers are always looking for college/university items that can be used as incentives and/or decoration in the classroom. 
If you would like to donate, please contact the appropriate teacher.


Teacher University
Mrs. Felicetti Columbia College
Mr. Martinez-Suarez University of Illinois
Mr. Chavez US Coast Guard Academy
Mrs. A. Rivera Rochester Institute of Technology
Ms. Sanchez Aurora University 
Mrs. Reuter Northwestern University
Ms. Vazquez Universidad de Puerto Rico
Mrs. Delfin Loyola University
Mr. Miranda Brooklyn College
Mrs. J. Rivera InterAmerican University
Ms. Cina Notre Dame University
Mrs. Essick Northern Illinois University 
Mrs. Dalton The Citadel
Mrs. Klaput Judson University 
Mrs. Jiacomin Western Illinois University
Ms. Cortes National Lewis University
Ms. Kundrat Elgin Community College
Mr. Stiehl US Military Academy
Mrs. Flam University of Illinois Chicago
Mrs. Leaver University of Wisconsin- Madison
Mr. Olofson Stanford University
Mrs. Trygar Roosevelt University