Flu Information

Flu Information

As everyone is aware, flu season is here and our schools are experiencing varying degrees of absenteeism. In response, the following actions are being taken across the school district:


  • During the school day, school personnel are cleaning and sanitizing the building, to include keyboards, door handles, desk tops, cafeteria tables, and water fountains.
  • After school, energy recovery units are being used to bring fresh air into our buildings, and all buildings are being properly sanitized.
  • Students are reminded to wash their hands, throw away tissues, cover when they cough, and inform an adult when they are not feeling well.
  • When students are not feeling well, school personnel check their temperatures, and, if running fever, students will be sent home.  Students should not return to school until they are fever-free without medication for a minimum of twenty-four hours and are feeling better.


We ask that parents please keep their children home if they have flu-like symptoms, which may include the following:


  •   Fever of 100 degrees or greater
  •   Body aches
  •   Headache
  •   Chills
  •   Tiredness
  •   Cough
  •   Sore throat
  •   Runny or stuffy nose
  •   Diarrhea and/or vomiting


We urge everyone to take preventive actions to help stop the spread of germs, so that hopefully the number of flu cases in our community will decline.