Creekside Vision and Mission

Creekside Vision and Mission

 Creekside Vision and Mission:

Our Vision is to challenge and support all students to reach their highest level of performance, while providing opportunities for intellectual engagement and learning that these opportunities will lead to lifelong learning.


To ensure future development and growth, Creekside School must have a clear sense of what goals it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it is trying to represent and how all stakeholders will transform these ideals into reality. The following mission statement is intended to as both a blueprint and benchmark of our progress.

I. Climate – An Exemplary School:
a. Promotes a learning community (student, staff, parents and neighborhood) that will make everyone feel welcomed, nurtured and safe.
b. Exhibits a sense of pride within the entire learning community.
c. Acknowledges and celebrates achievements of all stakeholders.
d. Provides a positive and motivating environment.
e. Promotes open communication between all stakeholders.

II. Staff – An Exemplary Staff:
a. Will increases student achievement through ongoing collaboration.
b. Will promote academic excellence for all students by using research based practice.
c. Will create an engaging learning environment where all students are challenged to reach their maximum potential.
d. Will provide curriculum and Instructional practices that will be based on ongoing assessments that will provide differentiation of instruction.

III. Students – In an Exemplary School:
a. Will actively participate in their education by having high expectations and be accountable for their own learning.
b. Will challenge themselves to self-monitor their academic growth.
c. Will take responsibility for their actions.
d. Will set goals and work to achieve them.

IV. Parents and Community Support – In an Exemplary School the Parents and the community:
a. Will feel welcomed and supported.
b. Will be an integral part of the school community.
c. Will work with teachers and students to promote the child’s education.
d. Will be an equal contributor to help the school improve.