Safety Information for Parents

Safety Information for Parents

Talking Points to Help Navigate Conversations About School Safety

School safety has to be a team effort. See something say something applies to everyone, at school and on social media. These conversations need to be had with students not once, but regularly.

We have 180 District operated schools with approximately 174,000 students in them every day. The overwhelming majority of our students come to school every day and make good decisions.

District school board policy 2.381 requires safety drills during the course of the year.

At this time, we have asked schools to temporarily suspend drills so that they do not frighten children who are consuming media about the Parkland incident.

The majority of our schools are single point of entry, and those that are not will be with sales tax referendum funding.

The Sales Tax referendum will provide approximately $40 million in school safety improvements, some of which we cannot discuss openly as we purposely do not publicly discuss all of our security measures.

Every Middle and High School has an assigned SRO – our elementary schools share SRO’s during the week on a rotational basis.

School Police continues to do education and prevention activities about gun safety and preventing gun violence.

School Police trains with our local municipalities for active shooter situations.

School Districts have always confiscated guns on campus from students and almost all of them are detected in Palm Beach County as a result of students who saw something and said something.

Student support services and community mental health services are critical to addressing incidents of school and community violence, yet Florida is almost last in the country for mental health and public education funding.

For the State budget proposal, The Senate has $40 million for mental health services in the schools in their budget/education proposal. The House has no funding for this issue at this time.

Many parents have asked if we are going to change our fire alarm policies as a result of the Parkland incident. We are studying every detail emerging from the incident and looking for any improvements we need to make to our protocols. We will consult with national experts and School Police who work in this space on a regular basis before making any drastic changes to evacuation procedures.

The online resources for the community to help them talk to children about the incident can be found from our home page, and here:



Attached is also a letter directly from Ms. Annmarie Dilbert. 


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