Croton Cares
About Croton Elementary School
Croton Elementary School is located in Melbourne, FL in a part of town formerly known as Eau Gallie. The school has been open for over Fifty years and has rich history. Many of the students are second generation, and in some cases, both of their parents attended Croton.

The site on which Croton is built was as former orange grove and legend has it that the previous owner of the land did not believe in using banks. During the Great Depression, he buried his money on the property between two rows of orange trees. The money has never been found, but many of the staff kept on the lookout in 2004 when a ten-classroom addition was built on the campus.

Croton has a "small town atmosphere" where "everybody knows your name." The students, the faculty, staff and parents take pride and ownership in our little school. Croton Elementary is located one block west of Eau Gallie High School and two blocks south of Johnson Middle School. This allows our students easy access to these campuses for plays, band and chorus activities, and school orientation for sixth graders, etc.

The community embraces the school and is very supportive of the staff and the activities on campus. There is a very strong group of parents that volunteer to assist classroom teachers and the administration. A core group of volunteers come to the school weekly to complete tasks supporting and enhancing the learning process for students.

Croton may have one of the oldest campuses in Brevard County but it is by far one of the best maintained. It offers many beautiful murals, artwork, skylights and gardens through the campus. Croton also boasts having a beautiful pavilion built as an act of love and dedication by parents in 1999. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reece, who own R and R roofing, gifted the school by building this pavilion. They used the bartering system with other companies to help offset the price of supplies. Many of their employees and student's parents helped construct this 70 x 40 structure in the spring of 1999. A plaque with the names of all those that helped hangs outside the P.E. storage room. As Croton doesn't have many shade trees, the pavilion is the popular place during hot months for physical education and other activities. In 2004, the P.E. area, including the pavilion, was renamed the Croton Cardinals Sports Complex. Eau Gallie High School coaches painted a huge sign on the exterior wall containing the new name.

Croton is proud of its rich history. Croton received the Governor's "A+" school for nine consecutive years. We are also proud to be a State of Florida Music Demonstration School and Croton's Pre-K program for four year olds has achieved national accreditation form the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  The Excellence in Physical Education Award is awarded annually to schools that offer Physical Education programs of superior quality. Croton has earned the Excellence in Physical Education Award!