Economic Impact Aid Information x28SB 754x29

Economic Impact Aid Information (SB 754)

The Economic Impact Aid (EIA) program is a state categorical program for kindergarten through grade twelve to support:

  • Additional English language acquisition programs, support and services for Limited English Proficient students (LEP)
  • State Compensatory Education (SCE) services for Educationally Disadvantaged Youth (EDY) as determined by the local educational agency (LEA)


The Cupertino Union School District receives EIA funds to implement programs supporting compensatory educational services for educationally disadvantaged students and bilingual education services for English language learners.



  2013-2014 FISCAL YEAR 2014-2015 FISCAL YEAR
Previous Year Carryover $88,692.06 $2,957.85
Total EIA Funds Received - - - - - -
Total EIA Administrative Costs $2,497.00 $86.00

Total EIA Funds Used to Support Limited-English Proficient Pupils

     - DeVargas Elementary School

     - Muir Elementary School

     - Nimitz Elementary School

     - Hyde Middle School

$83,237.21 $2,871.85
Total EIA Funds Used for Compensatory Educational Purposes - - - - - -

Total Unexpended EIA Funds

**$2,957.85 - - -
***In recent years, the District has received varying amounts of EIA funding. This carryover amount is anticipated to be used to stabilize any potential future variations in EIA funding and continue to offer student support services.