Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements


2016-17 New Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade Registration Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm at the District Office located at 1309 S. Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale 94087.

2016-17 New Middle School registration takes place at the middle schools. Please contact their office to find out their registration hours. 

Students must be residing at the primary residence in the District and be available for any necessary testing at the time of registration.


Due to increased enrollment across the District, space is not guaranteed at a student's attendance area school. The District does guarantee a space at an overflow school within the District.

If your son/daughter has been assigned to an overflow school due to lack of space at his/her attendance area school, he/she may continue at the overflow school through the end of the current trimester or a designated time to move from one school to another (early November and/or after the Winter Recess, and/or early March of the current school year).

If space is available at your attendance area school prior to the beginning of the trimester, you will receive a phone call to attend your attendance area school  as the new trimester begins. At the time of the phone call, you may choose to continue at the overflow school by submitting a Request for Transfer form with your current school of attendance.


Proof of Age (Originals must been presented)


Proof of age is required. Acceptable documents are a certificate of birth (certificates provided by the hospital are not acceptable), a baptismal certificate duly attested, a passport or an affidavit signed by the parent, guardian or custodian of the child.

Immunizations Requirements


Immunization records are required at the time of registration. A detailed list of the requirements is available here.

TB Risk Assessment Form here.



Proof of Residence (Originals REQUIRED – Copies will be made at the time of registration)


One form of identification from each of the lists below


List A                                                              List B

Property Tax Bill with PG&E Bill*                         Driver’s License with current Address

Valid Lease Agreement with PG&E Bill*                Bank Statement

Affidavit of Parent Residence**                          Car Registration or Insurance

                                                                       Payroll check


* Current Pacific Gas & Electric Bill. PG&E bill with multiple names will require two forms of additional proof of residence from List B.

Escrow documents, Property Tax bill or a valid rental/lease agreement is REQUIRED at time of registration. You will be given a conditional registration for 30 days until a PG&E bill and one item from List B can be provided. Printed online PG&E bills will require TWO forms of identification from List B.


** An Affidavit of Parent Residence signed by parent and the primary resident must be completed in the Student Assignment Office if you are residing with another person. The primary resident will be required to provide proof of residence listed above. Parent will need to provide TWO forms of identification from List B.


In instances where none of the above documents are available at the time of registration, the parent should contact the Student Assignment Office, (408) 252-3000, ext. 61110.