Parents Wx2f New Aspen Accounts Who Canx27t Access Interim Reportsx2fRe

Parents W/ New Aspen Accounts Who Can't Access Interim Reports/Re
Please contact the school counseling office if you are a parent in need of an Aspen account.


Please note that for parents whose new Aspen accounts are created after interim reports or report cards are published by the school, the interim report/report card will not appear in the published reports section on the home page for these newly created accounts. This is because the system did not have a recognized account to receive the published report. All future reports will be available in the published reports area now that the account is created.


If you created your account after the interims/report cards were published or if you do not have an Aspen account you may get access to the interim report/report card in one of the following ways:


  1. Contact the school counseling  office and  request that they run and publish a report for you. NOTE: you will have to call each school in which you have a student enrolled to have the interim report/report card run for each child enrolled in each school.
  2. Locate the grade and comment information by clicking on the Family top tab and then Transcript side tab for the student and changing the Dictionary Menu to All.
  1. Since all student accounts also have the report published to their published reports area, you can have the student login to the Aspen Family Portal and the you can view the report in the student’s published report area.
  2. Request that school staff print the report and send it home with the student.


Please contact the school counseling office if you are a parent and need to set up an Aspen account. 898-0410