School Philosophy

School Philosophy

  DeLaura— is a middle school with approximately 700 students, located in Satellite Beach, Florida.  Our curriculum supports the BPS Secondary Schools of National Prominence initiatives and the Florida A++ plan.  Our goal is to create a balance for students at a time in their lives when they are immersed in an ever changing world.  Finding this balance and maintaining it is our key to success.  We do this through high quality curriculum and instruction that increases the rigor of the courses.  We link the relevance of the classroom to the real world and  strengthen community relationships within our  school and feeder school system.  Our  mantra is rigor, relevance, and relationship that  sustained our school’s  success. 

     PhilosophyPre-advanced placement  (Pre-AP) courses challenge and enrich motivated, college- and career-bound students to expand their education beyond the regular program.  The course work that Pre-AP students face daily in class provide the  rigor while developing advanced skills and content background to prepare students for college-level work in Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment courses in high school. To help develop a relevance to the real world students are expected to analyze, synthesize, and manipulate knowledge and skills; think critically; develop study skills by using time wisely and efficiently; engage in research; extend their vocabulary; employ technology as a tool of research and communication; and maintain subject specific portfolios when applicable.  Success in Pre AP identified course(s) will help foster a relationship and commitment from the DeLaura Middle School community.   

     Program of StudyBy the end of the seventh grade, students start focusing on the future through the development of an individualized program of study.  This program of study is reviewed regularly with the parent, and student involved. To prepare students for this task all seventh graders will participate in a semester long Career and Educational Planning course.                                           

     Small Learning CommunityOne method of instruction that guides DeLaura to sustained excellence is through our SLC teaming efforts.  Each team is comprised of approximately 110 students in the same grade level.  These teams  are composed of academic teachers and students.   This common core of  students move through the day from one class to the next.   Each team has a teacher lead to help guide the social and academic focus of the team.  Related-arts and elective teachers are also teamed together.  These yearlong and wheel courses, over the 2 years at DeLaura provide exploratory opportunities for students.  It also provides the opportunity to work on cross-curricular activities with other content areas and  students.                         

      CommunicationsTeachers usually have a common planning time which encourages better communications among the team.  Also it  promotes an opportunity for better communications with parents, students and teachers at a critical time in the child’s life.                 

     Results—interdisciplinary teaming improves student academic achievement, fewer disciplinary issues because of time on task, better communications with parents on academic performance and improved motivation.  The concept of teaming provides an integration of courses and activities that provide enrichment for the students.

For the past eight years DeLaura Middle School has been rated an “A” school for student achievement by the Florida Department of Education.