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PBIS-Kids at Hope

Kids at Hope

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A Culture of “All Students, All Staff, All Settings

All students are capable of success.

No exceptions, no excuses.

Focus areas of the week: Classrooms Students and teachers are focusing on smooth transitions and routines.


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Super Star Assemblies:

We will have one Superstar Assembly per month. Our staff will reward and recognize behavior throughout the month or months that supports positive character. Please join us in recognizing our Super Star's of the month at our Assemblies.


Hope Slips:

Hope slips will be given for Respectful, Responsible, and Safe behavior in all settings. All staff are expected to recognize student behavior with Hope Slips. Pinpointing the behavior with a short phrase such as, “Thank you for being safe during a transition by walking on the sidewalk.” “Here is a Hope Slip for having a level 1 voice in the lunchroom.” Students will collect Hope Slips to then turn them in for a prize or buy items at our Hope Store. Hope Store will be open at least two times monthly.


Whole Class Dragon Awards:

Any Staff member can recognize an entire class for following class expectations together in any setting. A Whole Class Hope Slip could be awarded to a class for walking quietly through the hallway or for respecting the art with their eyes only.

When a class earns 10 whole class awards, we will recognize them during morning announcements. When a class earns a new 15 Whole Class Hope Slips they will get a reward. The next goal will be for a class to earn 20, and so on.


Voice Level Charts:

Voice Level Charts will be posted all around the school in the different settings. It is expected that all staff require their classes to respect the common areas and follow the expectations for voice levels.


Level 1 end of the quarter activities:

Students who stay on level one and do not have any office referrals for the quarter will be invited to attend a social event in the school gym or out on the playground. There will be activities for students to enjoy with their friends. Students who did not earn the privilege will stay in the classroom with their teacher to work on classwork or to have re-teaching in a common area in the school.

Dragon Celebrations:
Congratulations to the following classes for reaching
their goal of 10 Yellow Class Dragon Awards:
Mrs. Rosetzer-Turner's Class
Mrs. Muir's Class
Mrs. Wicke's Class
Mrs. Dodson's Class
Mrs. Harris's Class

Staff Celebrations:

Congratulations to the following Staff members for being recognized by other staff for their contributions to Dower Elementary:
Darlene Blessum
Brian McCormick and Suk Yun
Madeleine Shelley