Dows Lane Students High School Seniors Bond on Halloween

Dows Lane Students, High School Seniors Bond on Halloween

Honoring a special tradition, Irvington High School seniors helped elementary school students celebrate Halloween during the annual Dows Lane Elementary School Halloween Carnival on Oct. 31.


Dressed in costumes, the 58 high school seniors bonded with the youngsters and served as role models to them as they played a variety of games, including Wheel of Misfortune, Stop the Zombie and Monster Mouth. The games were designed to foster a positive and fun-loving spirit among the students and allow them to demonstrate the physical skills they’ve developed in their physical education classes. They also demonstrated patience and collegiality and celebrated each other’s successes.


“The students came together in full Halloween regalia to take a short break from the rigors of the classroom and to exercise some of the character skills they’ve developed with their teachers and peers,” Irvington High School Assistant Principal Matthew Samuelson said. “Through the hard work and generosity of the PTSA, the Dows Lane students were treated to an exciting morning.”


The collaboration allowed the high school students to travel down memory lane to when they were students at Dows Lane and provided them with an opportunity to give back to their community. The event was made possible thanks to the PTSA, Dows Lane staff, Principal Deb Mariniello, the high school team and seniors.

“Days like these provide lasting memories for all of us and allow us to maintain our focus on developing thoughtful and kind students from one end of their school careers to the other,” Samuelson said.


Mariniello said that each year the students and staff look forward to the games, prizes and fun on Halloween.


“Seeing the high school seniors interacting with our Dows Lane students is truly what working interdependently as a community is all about,” she said. “One high school senior, Eric Pastarnack, shared with me how he recalled his own Dows Lane carnival visits and spoke about how awesome it was to give back by volunteering.”