Recycling Rangers at Dows Lane Learn Responsibility Perform Civic Duty

Recycling Rangers at Dows Lane Learn Responsibility, Perform Civic Duty

Every Tuesday, Dows Lane Elementary School third-graders, also known as the Recycling Rangers, roll up their sleeves and head to work as they spend part of the day handling the entire school’s recycling. As members of the school community, the students said they enjoy their responsibilities and are proud of their accomplishments.

“It is truly a wonderful experience for the third-graders,” said Chris Cullen, a third-grade teacher who runs the program. “It teaches them the importance of doing their civic duty and provides many learning experiences while fostering responsibility, community relations and working as a team.”

Through the program, which has been running at the school for a number of years, the students are in charge of recycling paper products only. They started off their Recycling Rangers Club in October and will continue to perform their responsibilities through the end of the school year.

“This is a club that the students look forward to at Dows Lane once they enter third grade,” Cullen said.

Students said they enjoy being part of the program because they learn to make good, environment-friendly choices, serve as positive role models for the younger students and gain independence.

“It provides us the responsibility to give back to the school while allowing us to make good friendships,” third-graders Alice Besidski and Petra Rancic said.

Principal Deb Mariniello said the recycling program is a wonderful experience for the students to learn more about their environment and themselves as global citizens.

“We look forward to moving Dows Lane into a ‘greener’ future with more recycling and other environmental awareness opportunities,” she said.