Simon Sezx3a Dows Lane Students Learn About Respect and Community

Simon Sez: Dows Lane Students Learn About Respect and Community

Dows Lane Elementary School held an interactive and educational schoolwide assembly on Sept. 11 to kick off its Character Education program and the theme of “community.” Thanks to the generous support of the PTSA, kindergarten through third-grade students welcomed Steve Max, a professional Simon Sez (Simon Says) caller and leader, to their school.

During the assembly, Max played several rounds of Simon Sez, taught students how to become better listeners, and complimented them on their listening skills, eye contact and respectfulness. He also discussed with them the importance of making good choices, but that it is OK to make a mistake and learn from it. Treating others with kindness and respect was encouraged as part of the community where good character is key.

“Steve Max was a great asset to our Character Education curriculum kickoff,” said teacher Colleen Sullivan, who helped organize the assembly along with teachers Nicole Cristofaro and Laurel Warager. “The assembly worked well and infused our curriculum language and modeling. The students had a blast.”

Through the work of the Character Building Committee, Dows Lane Elementary School developed a Character Building program that sets a new theme each month. In September, the students are learning about what makes a community. In October, they will learn what it means to think interdependently while working together as a team, sharing ideas and learning from each other.

“Our Character Building Program is an essential part of each and every day at Dows Lane,” Principal Deb Mariniello said. “Learning and practicing strong character building skills and habits of mind is at the heart of social-emotional learning. As our morning message states, ‘at Dows Lane, we are a respectful and kind community.’ We were thrilled to have Steve Max join our school as we launched the 2017-2018 school year.”