PBIS Behavior Matrix

PBIS Behavior Matrix
Behavior Matrix Settings
Classrooms & All Settings
Lunch Room
Locker Room
Be Respectful
Maintain personal space
Adhere/follow adult direction
Be respectful of others
Hands and feet to self
Keep moving
Treat your locker kindly
Say please and thank you
Respect personal space and belongings
Keep hands and feet to self
Be polite to all
Follow driver’s directions
Use appropriate language and inside voices

 Be Responsible 

Be on time
Wear your ID
Come prepared
Walk on the right side
Eyes forward
Face the direction you are walking
Stay in single file lines
Tap and stack trays correctly
Lock your belongings
Dress and exit promptly
Stay seated
Exit at your assigned stop
Obtain permission to ride alternate bus
 Be a Good Citizen
Keep your school clean
Use inside voices
Report inappropriate behavior to staff
Help each other
Do your part to keep area clean
Keep each other safe
Keep your locker room clean
Load bus in orderly fashion
Open seating





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