Illinois State Scholars

Illinois State Scholars
In November of each year, ISAC announces the State Scholar Finalists. Students from nearly every high school in Illinois compete in the program. State Scholars can be found on the campuses of nearly 200 public and private institutions of higher education in Illinois. The combination of exemplary college entrance examination scores and record high school achievement indicate an especially high potential for success in college.

To be honored as a State Scholar in Illinois is an outstanding accomplishment that will be a highlight of the recipient’s academic record. ISAC will be pleased to recognize these Illinois high school students who will be named soon. 

2017 - 2018 Illinois State Scholars


Anand, Jatan
Anderson, Kaitlyn
Bohrer, Nathaniel
Brahmbhatt, Aneri
Brandes, Sarah
Broderick, Madeline
Carrillo, Faviola
Clark, Olivia
Dave, Janki
Demel, Walker
Deuel, Skylar
Draus, Katherine
Erickson, Hannah
Herrera, Luis
Jensen, Bradford
Khanna, Sonam
Klotsch, Brian
Lantin, Christian
Lee, Gabrielle
Mari, Sofia
Maybrun, Kenzie
Quezada, Matthew
Surowiec, Aleksandra
Tabliago, Nikki Rae
Tisor, Makena
Troyke, Maximilian
Vega, Abigail
Walsh, Jamie
Whiteman, Eric
Woerner, Jakob
Woerner, Lilly