Engage Iowa City Schools

www.EngageIowaCitySchools.org, a new comprehensive community engagement website, developed by MindMixer, where parents, ICCSD staff, students and community members can collaborate on ways to continue to excel and improve our learning environments.


Engage Iowa City Schools allows participants a chance to suggest new ideas, second others’ ideas, expand upon existing ideas, give feedback on initiatives and collaborate with the leadership of Iowa City Schools on a variety of topics online anytime, from any computer.

Some of the topics currently being discussed on the site include:
·         Possibility of putting cell phones towers on elementary schools
·         How to motivate students to walk or bike to school
·         What can be done to improve the school lunch experience




As part of its service, MindMixer will consults and collaborate with the school district to identify issues that are critical to stakeholders in order to update topics and content for their website.  Engage Iowa City Schools measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested community members and most compelling topics. The tool makes it easy for administrators to communicate with participants, thus receiving measurable results and invaluable insights from feedback posted to the site. The website is also multi-lingual allowing for even broader participation.  Topics will continue to be updated so keep checking back.   Have a great day!