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Join me in my journey to read as many books in the Ellis Library as possible! Visit my Virtual Bookshelf at "Shelfari" to read reviews and comments about the books I have read from people around the country.


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Use your District ID and and password (8 digit birthday) to gain access to your account info.


Monthly Class Visits for Students

All students come to visit the library with their Reading or Spanish class about once every month. Books are checked out for four weeks also, but the dates may not always coincide exactly.  It is the student's responsibility to get books returned on time. do you make sure your books are returned on time? On the days that the library is open at Eastview (Wednesdays, Thursdays, and alternate Fridays) you can always run in to return a book between class periods as you pass by the library. Or, for your convenience, there is a book return basket outside both library entrances.

Library Procedures 

Books may be checked out for four weeks at a time. If you think you will finish your book quickly, you may check out two to four books per visit. Please return books as you finish them instead of keeping them until your next class visit. Many books are very popular and have a long reserve list.


Remember to check the stamped date inside your book so you can return your books on time!

Opportunities for Parents

Parent volunteers are always welcome!! 


It is a daunting job to keep the library shelves restocked with all the returned books and also help students and classes as they come into the library. There are many other ongoing tasks that parents can help with.


If anyone is interested in volunteering either on a regular basis or for just one morning or afternoon, please contact Mrs. Jones or Ms Rush at 630-213-5550 ext. 5575.