Picture representing Art

Welcome to Art.

Dear Parents,

Of all human experiences Art has  provided a great array of symbolism and  meaning to  human existence. When man lived in caves and drew symbols on the walls  he conveyed not only an insight and understanding of form but an expression of love, emotion and beauty. At this time art was born as a significant area of human experience. 

  In our art classes at Endeavour Elementary we strive for creativity and exposure to art, artists, and materials. Art becomes a focal point to discover the world and our individual interpretations of it.Sketchbooks are used in classess 1-6 as a resource to record thoughts, and ideas as well as reinforce concepts and vocabulary. We encourage verbal and written communication about the artwork that we have seen and created.

  Parental support of students artwork is appreciated, as these precious moments of creativity in our school aged children will soon become the memories of yesterday.