About Us

About Us

                                                                               Mrs. Scrimgeour and Mrs. Doble when they were both around 6 years old.





Think ~ Create ~ Share ~ Grow

The mission of the ETSD libraries is to create inviting learning environments that inspire and honor curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.


In partnership with students and staff, we support and recognize reading as the foundation for students to become skilled in multiple literacies.


We strive to ensure that students become successful lifelong learners.



The EES Library is open each school day from 8:10 - 3:00 for students, and before and after school for staff.  Children may visit the Learning Center any time during the school day, with their teacher's permission, to check out and return books.  


Kindergarten students may check out one book, and will progress to two books further into the year.   Students in grades 1 & 2 are permitted to check out up to 3 books, and keep them for two weeks.  If a student needs more time to finish a book, we will renew it except if someone else is waiting for that item.  


The Learning Center follows a fixed schedule with each class coming once a week for 45 minutes.

Librarian: Carol Scrimgeour, 

email: cscrimgeour@etsd.org


Library Assistant: Bonnie Doble

email: bdoble@etsd.org