History Day

History Day
Picture representing History Day

History Day is a national competition in which students select a historical topic related to the annual theme. History Day team members must conduct extensive research, write detailed annotated bibliographies, compose a 500 word process paper, build a 6 foot tall display exhibit, and interview with judges. After months of researching, writing, building, and practicing, students will compete against other schools throughout LA County at Azusa Pacific University. 


History Day participation is open to both 7th and 8th grade students at our school. We meet weekly to work toward completion of student projects prior to the LA County competition. The students involved in this program are transformed by their participation. The skills learned, rigorous requirements, and heightened expectations help create students that lead in the classroom. This group of twenty, create a ripple effect that promotes a classroom environment in which you will find improved work quality and productive collaboration.  Additionally, benefits of our past participation in this program has impacted an entire school community. Our involvement is critical to promoting the  benefits of hard work, perseverance, and educational endeavors that extend past our seven period day. Our recent success has provided a critical morale boost to students, staff, and community.


History Day curriculum parallels Common Core objectives. To complete a History Day project, students must become proficient in the following skills: Determining historical accuracy by scrutinizing sources for validity and credibility: Understanding historical context and illustrating how events influence and were influenced by social, cultural, political, and economic events of the time; Analyzing a variety of sources to compare, critique, defend, and identify biases.


As stated in ABC Unified School District Core beliefs: “All students, regardless of socio-economic status, have the capacity to be high achievers and it is our responsibility to ensure their success.” History Day is a program that is not reserved for only the top students. Participation is open to all students and their involvement pays immeasurable dividends in building academic skills of researching, writing, interviewing, and speaking. Even more valuable is what I like to call the collateral dividends that result from participation in history day: increased self-confidence, improved ability to collaborate with peers, and a love of history that will last far beyond their experience with me and this competition.


For more information contact Mr. Laines (mr.laines@abcusd.us)