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School Counseling, Ms. Sarantakos
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Who Is Ms. “S”?


I received my undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech and received my Master’s Degree in School Counseling from The College of William and Mary. I am a professional school counselor who is dedicated to helping students reach their personal best. I work with students in groups and individually to help them develop academic skills, social and personal skills, and begin to explore future and career options. I also work with parents and other school staff to help create the best educational environment for students.


Where might you see Ms. “S”?

In an effort to provide a comprehensive school counseling program for all students at Grafton Bethel and assist them in becoming positive and productive citizens in our community, I will work with students in many ways. You may see me in classrooms teaching students about themselves and others, in a small group of students focused on specific areas such as study skills, social skills, other concerns, or meeting one-on-one with individuals.



How can your school counselor help you?


Student needs are addressed with the following services:


Classroom Guidance Lessons– Throughout the school year, I will be presenting classroom guidance lessons to students in grades K-5. Students will learn about many important topics including:


  • Bullying and peer pressure
  • Developing positive character traits
  • Decision-making
  • Career exploration
  • Test-taking strategies and study skills


Group Counseling – Students may participate in small group counseling upon parent or teacher request. Group counseling topics may include:


  • Military Deployment
  • Friendship and Social Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Family Changes
  • Controlling Anger
  • Self-Esteem


Individual Counseling – Students may speak with the counselor individually through parent referral, teacher referral, or self-referral.
A student may talk with the school counselor about:


  • Academic concerns
  • Family changes or concerns
  • Peer Relationships and Friends
  • Decision-making


Family Life Education (Grades K-3) – The counselor will teach family life to students in Grades K-3. Teachers teach family life to students in Grades 4 and 5.


Conflict Resolution – The counselor can help a student problem-solve with his/her peers.


Gifted Program Contact – The counselor also serves as the Gifted Program contact.
Please contact her with any questions or concerns.


Referrals – If you are in need of assistance, the school counselor can help by locating community resources.


What happens when you meet with your school counselor?


I will listen and work with you to help you become the BEST you possible. Our time together is special, everything we talk about is confidential.  


Confidentiality means that everything that is shared between student and school counselor is private information, which I will not share with others except under certain situations in which your safety or the safety of others is threatened. Parental permission is required for all groups and continued individual meetings.



I look forward to working with Grafton Bethel



students and families!