Frequently asked questions
  • What are the school hours at GMS?
    The regular hours are 8:05 AM- 2:50 PM.
    Early Dismissal Hours: 8:05 AM - 12:00PM.
  •  What Grading Scale Does GMS Use?
    90 - 100 A
    80 - 89 B
    70 - 79 C
    64 - 69 D
    63 and below F
  • Where are teacher web pages linked?
    Teacher web pages can be found under the menu bar at the top of Grafton Middle School's home page. They are under the Teacher/Staff heading.
  • How do I contact my child's teacher?
    Find the teacher's website by clicking on the appropriate link. On the main page of the class your child is enrolled in you will find a link that allows you to e-mail the teacher.
  • What should I do when my child is sick?
    Call the attendance office @ 898-0556 to report the absence and send a note on the day the student returns to school
  • How do I request homework for my child when they are out of school for several days?
    If you know ahead of time, your student will be out of school, you can email the teachers several days in advance requesting the work the student will miss.
    2. If your child is out sick for several days, please email the teachers by 9AM requesting the assignments. Many times homework is also listed on a teacher's website. The teachers will send the work to the main office or email it home to you.
    3. Lastly, please call the main office (898-0525) to make sure the homework is there for you to pick up.
  • Can my child take medicine at school?
    Students can take medicine at school but, the nurse (898-0564) must be consulted and there are forms that must be filled out. Asthma OR General Medication
  •  When do the activity (after school) busses run?
    The buses run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays @ 4PM
  •  How do I volunteer?
    Contact the school (898-0525) or PTA. We are always looking for field trip and dance chaperones.
  •  How will I know when special events are planned?
    Check you child's agenda, read the Tradewinds, sign up for the PTA Monday Message when you join the PTA, or visit this web site.
  • When can I come to school?
    You are always welcome at GMS. Please arrange for classroom visits a day ahead. You may come and have lunch with your child any day you'd like.