What is the daily schedule?

Students arrive between 8:30 and 8:40. Class begins at 8:40. Students are released at 3:10. 
Please see our schedule for additional information.

What are Early Release Fridays?

Early Release Fridays are designed for Staff Development. Early Release Fridays have the same start time with dismissal at 1:40; lunches are served.



Who are the administrators and office staff, and what are their roles?

Shelly Gaston is our Principal. She provides leadership, teaching and learning instruction, staff development & personnel support and oversees district projects and community relations. Mrs. Gaston also coordinates academic interventions for students needing extra support in reading, writing and math.


Kyle Hood is our Dean of Students. He provides leadership, oversees support programs, school wide discipline and climate, assemblies, student leadership, classified personnel and community relations.


Radie Haytack is our Building Manager. She provides leadership and is responsible for resource management, facility/emergency preparedness, scheduling, Zero Hour, classified personnel, facilities and community relations. Ms. Haytack also oversees our Extended Enrichment program and is the district director of Camp Casey, our grade 5 outdoor education program. 

Britta Stitt is our Administrative Assistant/Office Manager. She provides assistance to Mrs Gaston, supports staff, manages the building calendar, substitutes, payroll, purchasing and provides general office support.  


Kelley Anderson is our Secretary/Registrar.  She manages all student registration, records & attendance, assists with transportation issues and provides parent, student and general office support.


Angela Lehrman is our Secretary/Librarian. She takes care of transportation issues (bus/pick up passes, student messages), assists with health room coverage, provides general office & library support.


Laure Caudle is our School Nurse. She provides care for sick/injured students (and staff) as needed, and manages student health records.  




How can I contact a staff member?

We all have email addresses listed in the directory. Call 425-413-3700 and the office will take a message or direct your call. 


What bus does my child ride?

This information is online on the district's Transportation website.

Do students walk to school?

Many students from the surrounding neighborhoods are walkers. Glacier Park provides crossing guards before and after school in the front of the building.

What is protocol for daily drop off and pick up?

Student Arrival


Please drop off your student between 8:30-8:40 a.m., prior to 8:30 there is no supervision.


As many of you know, a few changes have been made to increase safety and security at Glacier Park. One change you will notice immediately is a second set of doors in the front foyer of the building. The second set of doors are to be used as an exit-only route. Anyone who wishes to enter the building will need to sign in and put on a visitor's badge at the office.  


What if I want to walk my child to class?


Parents who wish to walk their child to their outside classroom door may do so. Those entering through the front doors of the school will need to route through the office and out the back foyer doors and to their child’s outside classroom door. Those coming from the neighborhood behind the school can simply walk to the outside of their child’s classroom door.  


What is the route for my child who is being dropped off at the front door?


Students dropped off by vehicle will enter through the front doors, route through the office and out the back foyer doors, and line up at their outside classroom door.


After School Dismissal


Students picked up by vehicle will exit through the front foyer doors.  All other students will use back gate exits to get on the bus, walk home, or meet their parents at one of two Parent Pick-Up areas.


Parent Pick-Up Area #1- Located in the stachioned area on the blacktop behind the school.


Parent Pick-Up Area #2 - Located in the grassy area by the kindergarten playground.


What if I need to drop my student off later than 8:40 or pick them up before 3:10?

For arrivals later than 8:40, please park and accompany your child to the office. They need to check in and get an admit slip before going to class. Students who are not in the classrooms by 8:40 are marked absent by their classroom teacher. Once that has been done, the office has to change it from an absence to a tardy. 

Occasionally students will have reason to leave early. Please come to the office and sign them out.

Where can we park?

Our main parking lot is for parents and visitors. Only staff park in the bus lane and they do this to provide more parking in the main lot. The bus lane is for bus traffic only.

What if I need a friend to pick up my child?

We can only release children to their parent or to an adult designated by their parent/guardian. If need changes from your child's regular routine, please contact us.



How can I pay for school lunches?

Students can pay daily at the lunch counter or families can prepay by sending money to school with their student or online through their Skyward account. . When your credited amount is near $0.00 our cafeteria clerk (Mrs. Pozun) will send a note home with your student.

What does it cost for breakfast and lunch?

Current prices are listed on our Nutrition Services site

What if we cannot afford school lunches?

We have applications for free and reduced fee lunches. The applications are available at all school district offices and processed daily throughout the school year. If you have any questions, please contact Nutrition Services Supervisor Mary Nowak at 425-413-3450. Additional information is available through Nutrition Services.

Where do the students eat lunch?

Students eat in the lunchroom. All-day kindergarten students eat as a group. All others in grades 1-5 sit at a table of their choice with friends. At the very beginning of the year, the first-graders sit with their class until the lunch time routine is familiar.

When does my student eat lunch?

Please refer to the daily schedule.

What happens if we forget lunch money one day?

Our students can charge lunch. Mrs. Pozun gladly allows the students to charge and she sends a reminder when accounts are due.

How do we know what the lunch is each day?

Lunch menus, along with prices and additional information is posted on the Tahoma web on the Nutrition Services pages.

Do the students have choices?

Elementary students can order a day prior if they want an alternate lunch. Generally there are 3 or 4 standard alternates that are available. The students can do this in the lunchroom before they leave for recess. Adults are there to assist if needed. 

Specialist Schedules:

When do students have Physical Education, Music and Library?

All K-5 classes attend specialists classrooms. Your child's teacher will share this information with you, or you can call the office and we will assist you.

Do all students have P.E. and Music?

All students participate in Physical Education and Music. Students in grades 1-5 and all-day kindergarten will have P.E. one day, music the next. Half day Kindergarten students have both P.E. and Music one a week. Specialists rotate every other Friday. One week your student will have P.E. on Friday, and the next they will have Music.

Student Absence:

What number should I call if my student will be absent?

Our Safe Arrival Program depends on parents/guardians to contact the school when your student is absent. Please call 425-413-3700. Please do not email your child’s teacher to report an absence or request a bus/pick up pass. If the teacher has a substitute or the server is down, the office will not receive the information.  When emailing the office to request a pass, please email both Katrina Whitley and Ann Latimer.

What if I do not call Safe Arrival?

We will attempt to reach you, calling home, cell and work numbers. If we cannot reach you we must document the absence as unexcused unless you send a note with your student upon their return.

Do all of the schools in the district have the Safe Arrival program?

Yes, each building has their own number.


Do I need to send a note when the student returns?

You only need to send a note if you did not call Safe Arrival or have not spoken to us about the absence. No contact for a student absence requires us to document it as unexcused.

What if we plan a vacation when school is in session?

We ask that you notify the office (Katrina Whitley) as soon as you know this information. You can pick up a form in our office or we will send one home with your student for your completion. The form explains our policy for prearranged absences longer than three days.

Before and After School:

What kind of extracurricular opportunities are there?

We have many! Zero Hour begins in October with many choices. A list and sign up sheet will be sent home with zero hour classes available in reading, art, garden club, sports, book club and math, etc. Our building manager, Radie Haytack, oversees Zero Hour.

Do you provide before/after school child care?

We do provide extended care before and after school hours. Please call the district office (425-413-3400) for information about enrolling, costs, etc. Current hours are 6:00 a.m. until school begins and after school until 6:30 p.m. 

Student Expectations:

What are Glacier Park's GP4 Expectations?

Make Good Decisions
Solve Problems

Engage In Learning

Show Respect


Do you have a student handbook?

Our student handbook is accessible here on our website.

Do you have a discipline policy?

Our student expectations and discipline policy are outlined in our Student Handbook. We want all students to know Glacier Park as a safe and positive learning community. We work cooperatively with parents to ensure this. Glacier Park teachers, Mrs. Gaston and Mr. Hood, contact parents when there are concerns. If you have concens, please contact one of us. 

Parent Volunteers:

Are parents active at Glacier Park?

We encourage and appreciate our parents to volunteer in our school. Our PTSA is very active and a integral part of our school community.

What is required of volunteers?

Volunteers must complete background check paperwork found at All applications are now processed online. There are no longer paper copies available in our office. Younger siblings may not accompany you when you volunteer. If you have questions, please phone our office at 425-413-3700.

What if I want to volunteer for a field trip?

All volunteers need to complete the district requirements.

When does a background check expire?

It is good for two years and is transferable between buildings in our district.

Can we accept out of district background checks?

Sorry, we cannot. 

More questions?

Please call our office (425-413-3700).