Cold or the Flux3f

Cold or the Flu?

Colds are acute respiratory infections that begin, run their course, and end.

A cold lasts from 2-14 days, depending on the virus. At first, the nasal secretions are thin and clear, and then gradually get thicker before going away.

Students can continue to attend school with a cold.  Exclude from school if student has a fever or severe cough.  Encourage high fluid intake. Strongly recommend good hand washing. Keep tissues and antibacterial waterless soap in your child’s backpack.  Have your child cough into their elbow.  Encourage rest. Everyone should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t share drinks or drink bottles.

Is it a cold or the Flu????

Fever rare characteristics high 102-104 degrees
Headache rare prominent
General aches, pains slight usual: moderate to severe
Fatigue and weakness quite mild yes: can last 2-3 weeks
Runny stuffy nose common sometimes
Sneezing common sometimes
Sore throat common sometimes
Chest discomfort common common

Source: The New School Health Handbook. Third edition