Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Your Family

Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Your Family


Childhood obesity is a national epidemic

1 in 5 children are over weight.
Over weight children are more likely to be over weight adults.
Over weight children suffer emotional and social problems such as teasing, being singled out, being left out, and low self worth and self esteem.
More importantly, over weight children are at risk for devastating illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, bone and joint problems, and high blood pressure.

What can parents do?

  1. Remember, you, the parent, are in charge of food decisions in your home.
  2. Changing eating habits and food choices will be difficult at first ….BUT STICK WITH IT.
  3. Never punish or reward with food.
  4. Don’t skip meals.
  5. Serve fruit and or vegetable with every meal.
  6. Don’t shop without a grocery list.
  7. Eliminate soft drinks.
  8. Drink only water between meals.
  9. Do not double, super-size, or biggie anything.
  10. Get up and get moving - at least 40 minutes every day.