Student Password Resets

Student Password Resets
If you are having difficulties accessing your Aspen account as a student this may be why.

Password Resets:


Secondary students (high schools and middle schools) must change their passwords for second semester. The vast majority of secondary student passwords will expire on January 31.


The majority of students will start receiving password change notifications in the next week and will have two weeks after receiving the notice to change their password.


Students can change their password when logging onto a YCSD networked computer or by accessing the Go portal (Citrix) from home.


Students cannot change their password when connecting directly to the Aspen Family Portal.


If a student logs into Aspen Family Portal and gets the error message Invalid Login please have the student log onto a division network computer or the Go portal. If on the network computer or Go portal the student receives a message indicating that the student’s password has expired, have the student reset the password. If the problem is not related to an expired password, please have the student see the ETF.


Citrix Outside Access Directions: