Curriculum Map for Accelerated Science

Curriculum Map for Accelerated Science


Columbia County Curriculum Timeline


HS physical science (8

th grade) Science GPS Curriculum Timeline


Eight Grade



1st Nine Weeks



2nd Nine Week



3rd Nine Weeks



4th Nine Weeks



Structure of Matter/Chemistry



Structure of Matter/Chemistry



Motion and Forces



Energy, electricity, magnetism, waves



9 weeks



9 weeks



9 weeks



9 weeks



SPS1, SPS4, SPS2,b-d



SPS2e, SPS3, SPS5, SPS6, SPS7b,d






SPS7a,c SPS9, SPS10



Concept – Bonding

Atomic structure (SPS1)

 Electrons

 Trends in the periodic table due to valance electrons (SPS4a)

 Ions formed (SPS4a)

Electron Movement – bonding – forces (SPS1b)

Covalent and Ionic Compounds (SPS2b-c)

 Atomic Structure (SPS1a)

Isotope – atomic number – Periodic Table (SPS1a)

Law of Conservation of matter (SPS2d.)


 Chemical Reactions (SPS2e)

Molecular Motion (SPS5a)(SPS7b)

 Phases of Matter (SPS7d)

Relationship between pressure, temperature, and volume of gases to molecular motion (SPS5b)

 Properties of Matter




Conductivity (SPS6a)

 Atomic Structure

 Types of nuclear reactions(SPS3a,b)



 Motion

 Force

Calculate Velocity and Acceleration(8a)

Newton’s 3 Laws (8b)

Falling objects and gravitational force(8c)

Difference between mass and weight(8d)

Work, mechanical advantage(8e)

Simple machines(8e)


 Transfer

Radiation, convection, and conduction(SPS7a)

Difference pf Potential Energy(SPS10a-b)

Current (resistance and voltage)

 Conductor

 Induction

Chemical Cell (Conductivity through solutions)

Induce Magnetic Fields(SPS10c)

 Energy transformation

Motors, permanent magnets, electromagnets

 Waves

Frequency, wavelength(SPS9a-c)

Reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction(SPS9d)

Sound (speed through a medium)(SPS9)

All units will include maintained skills and Characteristics of Science



Note: Science standards are interwoven and should be addressed throughout the year in as many different units and activities as possible in order to stress the natural connections that exist among scientific concepts.