Veterans Day x2f Warrior Walk

Veterans Day / Warrior Walk

A light breakfast will be served to honor our active or retired military.

Other parents and guests are welcome to attend the ceremony in the cafeteria and / or participate in the Warrior Walk.


Please let your child's homeroom teacher know how many from your family will be attending.


Friday:                  We encourage our students to wear Red White or Blue!

7:45                      Welcome and Breakfast for active or retired military.

8:30                      Veterans Day Program begins.

                             Band / Chorus Performance

                             Present Check to Wounded Warrior

9:00                      Call out classes to line up at bus exit (gym area) 8th, then 7th, then 6th.

9:10-9:45              Warrior Walk (walk down the hill to the front of HS. Go around the pond,  

                             then back up the hill to GMS)