Autobiographical Narrative


Students will write an autobiographical narrative demonstrating the writing process.

Autobiographical Narrative


You will write an autobiographical narrative describing a person who has influenced your life in an important way (this could be a family member, friend, coach, teacher, etc.).


Describe specific ways in which this person affected your life, how you changed, and how you reacted to their influence.


This is a narrative form, so make sure you use specific moments and events to show how the influence took place.


Points Break Down

Prewriting: 5pts
Rough Draft: 10pts
Peer Revision: 15pts
Final Draft: 10pts
Ideas/Content: 5pts
Voice: 5pts

Total: 50pts



Students will be working on this assignment in class through various activities, but additional time spent outside of the classroom may be necessary for some students. Below is the timeline for this assignment:


Tuesday, Sept. 3rd: First draft is due

Friday, Sept. 6th: Peer Revision is due

Tuesday, Sept. 10th: FInal Draft is due


Your autobiographical narrative should be a minimum of two pages (typed, double spaced).

This event occurs on a single day.