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Guidance In The Classroom


   Guidance In The Classroom


Another type of learning is going on at Moton. In brief, students are learning prosocial behavior for personal development that may help prevent more serious difficulties in later childhood, adolescence and even early adulthood. Teaching prosocial skills is a valuable intervention for any child.


I believe we must help students become aware of social behaviors that are unacceptable and we must also teach specific alternatives as well. Acquiring acceptable behavior skills may lead to happier school, home and neighborhood experiences.


Classroom guidance focuses on prevention of potential problems. Students learn constructive alternatives in the classroom setting. Lessons address prosocial skills, understanding feelings, peer relationships, decision making, problem solving and other pertinent issues.


Kindergarten lessons include:

·        Rules and Procedures In School

·        Peacemakers- Too Good For Violence

·        Words Are Not For Hurting

·        Listening

·        Talking It Out Working It Out


First grade lessons include:

·        Sticks and Stones- Sending Positive Messages

·        Facts About Friends- Friendship

·        Teasing and Self-Management

·        The Name Game

·        Community and School Citizenship


Over a separate 10-12 week period, second, third and fourth grades will be trained in a self-esteem program called Free The Horses. Through a combination of a video adventure story and discussion questions students will learn healthy habits about thinking and doing. The program teaches children that they can choose what to think, which in turn influences their feelings and their choice of actions. Students learn to think and act in ways that will help them maintain their own and others self-esteem.


Fifth grade lessons include:

·        Empathy

·        Bullying- The Power of One

·        Accepting Others

·        Cooperation and Problem Solving

·        Empathy, Self Acceptance and Self Respect


I enjoy working with all students in helping them to identify situations in which the skills we learn about can be applied. Learning new skills always requires a cooperative effort between teachers and parents. With consistency, encouragement and reinforcement from home all students can enhance their social skills.



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