Musical ShownTell

Musical Show-n-Tell
(All grades!)

Musical Show-n-Tell is encouraged in the Music Room!

Here are the expectations for Show-n-Tell:

1. The student must first ask permission from an adult family member before bringing an instrument to school.

2. Once okayed by adult family member, the student will share the musical instrument in music class by stating what it is, how it was acquired, and will make a musical sound and/or play a song on it.

3. Musical instruments include those made/created from items at home, such as shoe boxes, cans, etc.

4. Books which tell a musical story about instruments and/or composers are also allowed for Musical Show-n-Tell! Musical songbooks are also considered worthy for Show-n-Tell!

5. Each student is allowed ONE musical Show-n-Tell each month.

6. Those taking dance or baton may be included for Musical Show-n-Tell if they bring their dancing shoes or baton AND the music from their lesson so they can perform for the class.

7. PUPPETS are also included for Musical Show-n-Tell! Be prepared to make your puppet sing along with one of Mrs. La Placa's favorite songs!


Special Note:

If your keyboard, piano, or guitar is TOO LARGE to bring to school, your parent may write and sign a note to Mrs. La Placa requesting that you be allowed to "borrow" the Music Room's keyboard, piano, or guitar for show-n-tell.