Art News

Art News


  Welcome to Art Class!!


  Students will have art once each week so please check with their teacher on what day of the week. please send your students in clothing that is "ok" to get dirty.

   We will be following the Florida State Standards "I can"

statements, students will be expected to know and apply art vocabulary, so please be listening and questioning your child about the world of ART!

    Students will be expected to participate and produce their artwork for a grade each week, some projects are on going while others are not, please check with your child to monitor their progress. Students will be utilizing art vocabulary in class so please question your child about their experience in class, you will be amazed at what your child knows.

      Any donations to the Art room is greatly appreciated and needed. You may send in any of the following items at any time and I Thank-You for taking the time to support the Arts!!!


 plastic containers


 paper towels






 glue sticks