Half-time @ Powell vs CK8 Football Game
Starts at 6:00pm

From now through October 24th we will have 3 jugs in the cafeteria each with an Administrators picture on them. Kids, now is the time to SLIME your Administrator! The Administrator who collects the MOST money in their jug will be SLIMED at half time during the football game of our beloved Panthers vs. Challenger CK8! Do extra CHORES, wash cars, clean your room, collect money from relatives and bring it in to SLIME an Administrator! This will be a FUN event and our Administration is looking forward to seeing WHO can "WIN" this EVENT! Will it be Mr. DYE?!? Mrs. MANER?!? OR Mrs. BARASH?!? Teachers and can play too! We are looking forward to a FUN filled evening!

This event occurs on a single day.