Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal

Illinois Law Prohibits the Use of Cell Phones in School Zones


The Drop Off Loop is SINGLE FILE; NO double parking to pick up or drop off!!


Please remember these rules when dropping off or picking up students. They have been developed in to ensure safety for all students and staff. 

Procedures for morning drop-off are as follows:


1. STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. This is a drive-through drop off and pick up zone. Likewise, DO NOT double park. The lane is SINGLE FILE, against the curb.


2. Cars need to pull ALL the way up, as far as they can go, so we can get as many cars in the lot as possible. Leaving room in front of your car or not pulling up all the way decreases the available real estate in the parking lot, leading to traffic jams.


3. ALL STUDENTS MUST EXIT VEHICLES ON THE PASSENGER SIDE. Exiting from the driver’s side puts students in danger of being hit by other cars.


4. Students can be let out anywhere sidewalk is available. Do not wait to pull all the way up to the door to let students out. If sidewalk is available next to your car, and the car is stopped, students need to exit the car and walk on the sidewalk to the building. This will allow more students to exit in a timely manner so we can continue traffic flow rather than halting to a standstill.


5. Students absolutely are NOT to be let out anywhere in the parking lot other than on the sidewalk. When students have to cross traffic to get to the sidewalk it increases the likelihood of a tragic accident happening.

Procedures for afternoon pickup are as follows:


6. Please pull ALL the way up as far as possible against the curb in the east parking lot. Traffic should be single file; there is only one pickup/drop off lane. Do not leave open spaces between cars. 


7. Students should load into cars on the curb side for safety reasons, just like the morning when students exit curbside.


8. Parents need to be extremely careful pulling out into traffic from the curb, since kids sometimes just dart out in front of cars.


9. If you park in a space to come pick your child up at the building, please be careful pulling out of spaces; people are pulling out from the curb at the same time and we want to ensure safety for all.


Thank you for following these rules and helping us prevent traffic tragedies at our school!