Clown Threats and Social Media

Clown Threats and Social Media



Dear U-46 Parents,


Some of you have expressed concerns about the clown stories, social media posts and threats that have surfaced nationwide and in the Chicago area. There have been reports of people dressing like clowns and attempting to scare people, especially near schools. School District U-46 works closely with all its local police departments and has not found any credible evidence of a threat. Though there is no validity to the social media posts, staff takes any threat seriously and works with police to investigate and ensure student safety. Parents and staff, please take this time to reinforce stranger safety with students and to reiterate best practices such as being aware of their surroundings, walking outdoors in groups and calling 911 if they see any suspicious activity. Please also let them know School District U-46 is working closely with police and have found no credible threat.


Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership to maintain safe and secure schools and communities across School District U-46.




Tony Sanders

Chief Executive Officer, School District U-46