Parentx2fStudent Home Strategies

Parent/Student Home Strategies

1. Have a consistent routine established when kids come home from school. 
         Example: Playtime, snack, homework, dinner, family time, bedtime

2. Have a quiet place set up for each child to study, do homework and read.

3. Participate in reading with your child every night. Every child should be reading each night. Ask your child questions about the book, read with your child, take your child to the library.

4. Engage in conversations with your child about interesting topics. It could be about appropriate current events, a movie, a good book, a school event, sports or other hobbies.

5. Make a list before going to the store. Help your child read the list during shopping. Use mental math at the grocery store or mall. Have your child add up the prices to items you are buying. Help them round to the nearest dollar. Make it a game to see if they can guess the amount of the grocery bill. Reward them for trying. 

6. Help develop your child's vocabulary by using a variety of words. Explain the meaning to them and use the new vocabulary in conversations with your child. Monitor your child's work from school.

7. Ask your child open-ended questions, questions that may not have an answer and that require them to think and support their answer with evidence or experiences.

8. Visit the school website at least once per week. Read about current events at Huff and find important information about upcoming news and events. 

9. Stay involved in your child's education. Know your child's teacher by name. Read information coming home from the school. Contact the teacher if you have questions or concerns. Attend school events like Family Literacy Night, Family Math Night, Fall-o-ween Festival and all-school dances and movies.