Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring
Picture representing Peer Tutoring

Mr. Adam Hadbavny - Coordinator


The Morning Tutoring Program is being revamped this year to incorporate the ability to provide students more access to tutors throughout the year. Depending on the referrals and requests of students, each of the following subject areas could be offered for one half hour session per week to tutor students: English, Social Studies, Languages, Science, and Math. The process to accomplish this task will go as follows:


1.  When a student referral is received, the appropriate department will be sent an email detailing what topic the student needs help in and what morning(s) they can come early to school. 


2.  Any teacher from the department who is able to meet on the proposed dates can tutor the student.


3.  A pass will be created and distributed to the student that will detail when and where to meet the tutor. The student will take the pass to the teacher, student and teacher sign the pass and it is returned to Mr. Hadbavny. 


4.  Students will also have one day every week that peer students will be available in room 324.


 A student may be referred to the program by the teacher, guidance counselor, parent, administrator, or at their own request. The morning tutoring sessions will be offered from 6:55 until 7:25. Tutoring will commence starting the week of September 22. You may contact Mr. Hadbavny at or the High School Guidance Department for a morning tutoring school referral form.