School Profile

School Profile

Acting Principal: Bob Biebel

Associate Principal: Carie Kollat

School Counselor: Kelly Thompson

School Colors: Red and White

School Mascot: Knight



2014-2015 Enrollment


Total Enrollment as of October 2014: 219


Freshman 57
Sophomore 47
Junior 51
Senior 64



Student/Teacher Ratio is 13:1

Non- Catholic students: 17%

Faculty: 21 Faculy Members   7 Staff Members

The teaching faculty consists of 15 full-time and 3 part-time teachers.  All hold bachelor's degrees; several hold master's degrees and 3 possess doctorate degrees.


Academic Highlights


  • 100% graduation rate.
  • Average ACT score for Class of 2013 is 23.2 (State average is 22.1)
  • Three National Merit Semi-finalists in the Class of 2012.
  • Over 96% of Lourdes graduates pursue post-secondary education.
  • Over 60% of Lourdes students participate in sports' programs.
  • Over 50% of Lourdes students participate in choir and band.
  • The last four graduating classes have earned over $4,250,000 worth of scholarships to higher education institutions.
  • Lourdes Academy is AdvancED Accredited through NCA-CASI-WI Accreditation.



Lourdes Academy does not routinely provide a ranking of students.  A school profile is provided and a counselor is available to discuss any questions about the admission status of students.