Lacey High School Tryout 2017

Lacey High School Tryout 2017





  • We will have a meeting on Friday, March 3rd  with all players in grades 9-12 at 2:00 in the baseball locker room to explain the tryout process and to distribute all paperwork. Weather permitting, we will be running on the track. Dress appropriately.


  • Starting Friday March 3rd , attendance is MANDATORY for all practices/games.

  • If you need a college visit, or any other trip, you need to take care of it before March 3rd 

  • If you are going to be away for ANY days after March 3rd , you must inform Coach Hamman BEFORE tryouts.

  • Varsity players will be practicing on the Saturday before Easter. (Coach Brewster and Coach Mazzetta will inform their teams about their expectations for Easter Saturday.)

  • The only exemptions from attending practice/games are:

    • Family Emergency

    • Illness (you MUST tell your coach if you are going to miss because of illness)

    • Taking the SAT’s (we will attempt to schedule practice around this)

General Information about 2017 Tryouts

  • This year, all four grades will tryout together.

  • The best players from grades 9-12 will be selected for the Varsity, the next best players from grades 9-11 will be selected for the JV team.

  • Cuts WILL be made based on numbers.

  • Making the team in the past does not guarantee you making the team or playing time this year.

Schedule for Tryouts

  • If we can get on a field, our entire tryout situation will have to be determined and posted later on, as it will depend on how many days we project it is possible to get out on the field. Once again, this cannot be actually determined until Friday 3/3.

  • If we are able to get on a field for tryouts, it will run from 2:30 until dark. We will do the best that we can given our situation and numbers, and some players may be asked to come back in the evening to the gym to finish the tryout.




Communicating the Schedule to Players and Parents

  • On Friday March 3rd, a tentative tryout schedule will be posted on the baseball bulletin board (outside room A127 and posted on the baseball locker room door).

  • This schedule will be based upon both the weather forecast and gym availability.

  • This schedule may be solid, or it may have several different scenarios based upon the weather and upon other teams practicing.

  • Schedules will also be posted on the baseball website.

  • Remind 101 will be utilized to help communicate practice times/changes with players and parents.


      • TEXT THE PHONE NUMBER: 81010

      • WITH THE MESSAGE: @2017lths

Please Keep in Mind:

  • Our tryout schedule is in a perpetual state of flux due to factors outside of our control (weather and gym time)

  • We want to keep our options open for tryouts to ensure the best and most equitable tryout that is possible for each baseball player in grades 9-12

  • From a coaching perspective, the best advice I can give is that you resign yourself to the fact that you need to keep your schedule from 2:30-10:00pm open for Friday March 3rd- Sunday March 5th, as our schedule may be constantly changing to ensure the best and most equitable tryout.

Here is the best planned scenario for tryouts if we cannot get on the field at all from March 3rd- March 5th

  • Friday March 3rd (Defensive Tryouts)


Outfielders will be evaluated on the following

    • Ability to catch a flyball and groundball

    • Range to a flyball

    • Arm strength and accuracy

    • Running Speed

If it is not too cold, outfielders will tryout on the varsity baseball field

Outfielders will do the following:

    • Take flyballs and groundballs in the outfield

    • Throw from outfield to a base

    • Running time in the 60 yard dash

If it is too cold then outfielders will tryout in the Gym

Outfielders will do the following:

  • Take thrown flyballs

  • Throw as far as we can in the gym

  • Running time in the 60 yard dash


All infielders will be evaluated based upon the following:

  1. Fielding ability

  2. Range

  3. Arm Strength

  4. Throwing accuracy

  5. Playing catch

  6. Running speed

You will have the option of trying out as ONE of the following:

  1. Middle infielder (SS/2nd)

  2. Corner infield (3rd/1st)

  3. Catcher (only exception, may also tryout as an infielder/outfielder)

Players will play catch (X throws across the gym)

We will run a “pro style” tryout where players will throw across the infield from deep behind third base and arm strength will be assessed for all infielders

Players will then field balls specific to their position

3rd Baseman

  • Ground balls at third base throwing to first base and second base

  • Slow rollers and throw to first base

First Baseman

  • Receive force outs at first base (from third baseman)

  • Ground balls and feed the pitcher

  • Ground balls and throw to second base while holding the runner on

  • Field bunts and throw to second and third

Second Baseman

  • Ground balls and throw to first

  • Ground balls and feed to shortstop at second base (double plays)

  • Pivots at second off a feed from shortstop (double plays)


  • Ground balls and throw to first

  • Ground balls and feed second baseman at second base (double plays)

  • Pivots at second off a feed from the second baseman (double plays)


  • Pop times to second and third base

  • Receiving/blocking will be evaluated when they catch live at pitchers tryout (you will be assigned one pitching group to catch)


Saturday 3/4 (Hitting Tryouts)

To guarantee equity, hitting tryouts will occur in the gym

Hitters will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Consistency of hitting

  2. Ability to hit fastball and off speed pitches

  3. Bat speed/Power

  4. Consistency of swing mechanics

Hitting groups will be determined after all sign- ups are completed. Coach Brewster will assign hitting groups. Hitters will hit at all three stations and rotate to keep the session moving


Sunday 3/5 (Pitching Tryouts)

  • Pitching tryouts will occur in the Main Gym

  • Pitchers will throw to catchers

  • Pitching and Catching groups will be determined after all sign-ups are completed

Pitchers will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Command (fastball, breaking ball, change up)

  2. Velocity

Pitching Groups will consist of four pitchers

  • You will have the first thirty minutes to stretch out and warm up in the short box area

  • You will throw for evaluation for the second thirty minutes from full distance

  • You will throw two sets of eighteen pitchers for evaluation

  • For one set you will throw to a player catcher, for the other set, you will throw to Coach Hamman catching

First Set:

  1. 6 challenge fastballs

  2. 6 challenge breaking balls

  3. 6 challenge change ups

Second Set:

  1. 3 armside fastballs

  2. 3 glove side fastballs

  3. 6 “extra” breaking pitches (gloveside)

  4. 3 armside change ups

  5. 3 glove side change ups

*Please note: if you throw a pitch that is not listed (such as a split finger instead of a change up) you will be given an opportunity to adjust your 18 pitch set to best showcase your skills


Monday 3/6 Team Selection

  • All players will meet individually with Coach Hamman, Coach Brewster, and staff immediately after school in the Coaches office. They will be told if they have been selected for the high school baseball team.

  • If you are selected for the high school baseball team you should plan to stay after for a team meeting to go over practice policy, uniform distribution, and season expectations.



  • Grey Pants, Navy Blue Shirt, Belt, Baseball Hat, cleats (outdoors) and sneakers (indoor).