StudentVUE Access

StudentVUE Access
Class information, class websites & online grades
StudentVUE gives students access to class information, class websites, and online grades.  In these respects, it takes the place of Edline.  
The StudentVUE login is currently the same login as the student logins for district computers.  Because they are linked, students will need to log in to a school computer first (but not on a Chromebook or Chromebox, because those aren't linked to Synergy StudentVUE).     
We will have the math computer lab open before school, during break, during both lunches, and after school on Friday (9/2), Tuesday (9/6), andWednesday (9/7) so students can log in and change their passwords in order to get access to StudentVUE.  If a student still needs to log in to change his or her password, we will have the Social Studies lab reserved next Thursday (9/8), before school, at break, during both lunches, and after school. 
The district network logins are reset every summer.  The initial password is 000 + 6-digit student ID as the password), and then students reset their password.  They do this every year.  Once that happens, that links with Synergy.

Example:  for a student whose ID is 123456, the reset password would be 000123456

Once students get into StudentVUE, they will have access to class schedules and class websites.  Access to grades turns on Tuesday.
ParentVUE won't be available for at least a week.  More information is to come about activation codes.