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     The Level I language course focuses on the development of communicative competence in the target language (English) and understanding of the culture(s) of the people who speak the language. The major means of communication between students and instructors will be in the target language. An important component of language class is the use of the language beyond the classroom in the real world. The integration of technology is an important tool in accessing authentic information in the target language and in providing students the opportunity to interact with native speakers.

By the end of Level I, students will exhibit Novice-Mid level proficiency in speaking, writing, listening, and reading ENGLISH.


         SUPPLIES:                                                                                                              GRADING POLICY:

  • 3 – ring binder                                                                                              TESTS & PROJECTS           40%
  • Notebook paper                                                                                            QUIZZES & PROJECTS       35%
  • Pen / pencil (no red or green ink on test/quiz days)                                      HOME / CLASS WORK        25%
  • “your native language” / English dictionary




  1. Absolutely all facets of the LAKESIDE school policy will be enforced in this class. Violators of school or class rules will get detention or a disciplinary referral.
  2. Students should be on time and prepared for class everyday (with notebook & paper, pen/ pencil).
  3. Actively listen, participate and follow directions / instructions.     
  4. Gum, candy, food and drinks are not allowed in class. This is a school-wide policy.
  5. Show respect to everyone and their belongings. This includes the teacher’s belongings.
  6. Purses, backpacks and hats are to remain on the floor. They are NOT to sit on the desk or in your lap.
  7. An “admit” is required if you have been absent from class. 
  8. You are responsible for your learning.


Tests will be announced well in advance of the test day.  A Review Study Guide will be given before each test.  Quizzes can be given any day, either announced or unannounced.  Homework is given as a reinforcement of a lesson learned in class that day. Homework will be graded based on accuracy and completeness. Students are responsible for obtaining and completing all work missed due to absence.


Make-Up Policy:

When you are absent, check your calendar and the website for assignments that you missed.  It is your responsibility to see me about makeup work before or after class.  Make sure to get any worksheets that were handed out in class.  Only major tests and projects can be made up for unexcused absences.  NO work can be made up for cutting class or school.


  1. Any assignments that can be made up due to absence must be completed at the teacher’s discretion and within 5 days of returning to school.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for assignments
  3. If you are absent the day before a test, you are required to take the test. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Students that know in advance that they will be absent for several days should request advance assignments whenever possible and complete an “Absence for Special Event Request Form” at least one week prior to the absence.


Cheating: Definitions

  1. Taking of information of any form into a test situation for the purpose of responding to test items or assisting others in responding to test items.
  2. Plagiarism.
  3. The taking of test questions to provide assistance in later situations.
  4. Copying the work of others when the copied material is to be counted as part of the semester grade.
  5. Giving or taking of information concerning a test after one individual has taken a test and the same form of the test is to be given in another classroom situation.
  6. Talking with others during a test situation.


When proof has been established that student has been involved in cheating, parents and students are to be notified by the teacher. The student will receive:

  1. Students will be referred to the administration for discipline (ISS), and retested.
  2. Students holding leadership positions in clubs, athletic teams, cheerleading, Beta Club, National Honor Society, and Student Council must relinquish their      position. Students in National Honor Society, Beta Club and Student Council may also relinquish their membership.