ConnieAThon thanks you for your supportx21

Connie-A-Thon thanks you for your support!


 Larkin's annual fundraising event, Connie-A-Thon, is a fundraiser to benefit those with life-threatening illnesses and outstanding medical bills and help spread awareness of organ donation. This event is held in honor of Connie Schweitzer, a Larkin alum, who passed away in June of 2000 due to pulmonary hypertension. 
This year the committee has chosen three people to help who are all close ties to the Larkin Community. 
One of the recipients this year is Scott Gielaski, a father of two sons. One son, Samuel, is student in the Larkin Class of 2020. Our second recipient is Dostin Gomez, brother of current Larkin student Amada Gomez, Class of 2018. Dostin, only four years old, has been diagnosed with kidney failure. The third and final recipient is Destiny Jones, current Larkin student of the Class of 2019. Destiny has been diagnosed with kidney disease and is currently undergoing treatment.