School District U46 has not closed swimming pools

School District U-46 has not closed swimming pools

School District U-46 has not closed swimming pools. If the District should decide that it needs to consider closing pools, it would engage our community and solicit feedback to evaluate this option among other cost-saving moves. The possibility of closing swimming pools was presented at a June 19 Board of Education meeting as just one of several options that the District might need to consider amid the state budget impasse. The State of Illinois owes districts across Illinois $1.1 billion, including roughy $23 million to School District U-46 for services provided in special education, transportation and bilingual education. That is money promised and budgeted more than a year ago but never paid for by the State. The State of Illinois is also close to entering its third year without a State budget. It is under these conditions that our District provided some possible cost-saving moves to our Board of Education. We promise to inform our staff, parents, and community if we need to consider taking action on any of the possible cuts.


If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the Pass Illinois Budget page on the District’s website. A list of elected officials can be found by clicking here. We have asked community members to join us in asking our elected officials to end the state budget impasse and to pay school districts what they are owed this year.