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Principal's News

March 20, 2017


Dear Larsen Families,

Over the last couple of weeks we are seeing an increase in students arriving to school with full bags of food and beverages mostly from McDonalds and the Dollar Store. This is problematic because as students arrive to school, they want to eat and drink during class, which is prohibited. In addition, students are leaving partially eaten items in their lockers and throwing things on the floor creating a general mess throughout the building which attracts bugs and rodents. Please be advised that we do not allow students to eat/drink during classes. Students must finish eating or drinking all breakfast food purchased prior to entering school, otherwise they will need to put them into the trash as they enter the building. An announcement was made intentionally on Friday to remind and alert all students of this process which will be enforced.
Dress for Success, please make sure that your student is dressed appropriately in accordance with our Dress for Success policy. As the weather begins to change, this is a good time to review the policy with your daughter/son and double check them as they walk out the door each morning.
The dress code can be found here:
Thank your for partnering with us to make Larsen clean and safe for our students,

Ms. Crespo and Mr. Spacone