Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Commitment to excellence in everything we do: academics, activities and citizenship.

Lowell High School provides a secure and cooperative environment where the emphasis is on mutual respect, curiosity, the free exchange of ideas, and the appreciation of education both as a process and a means to betterment.

We are a community…

  • That values a curriculum incorporating the best practices of both traditional and contemporary instruction.
  • That creates and supports an atmosphere promoting high expectations for student achievement.
  • That strives to meet the needs of a variety of ethnic and language backgrounds, career interests, and learning capabilities and styles by providing a broad range of programmatic offerings.
  • That believes student accomplishment is a shared responsibility of students, parents, staff, administration, school committee, and community.
  • That provides all students the curriculum to meet school and state graduation requirements, and assesses learning continuously in a variety of ways including mandatory state testing.