2012 Honorees

2012 Honorees

Image Milton Bradley, Class of 1854 was a lithographer, draftsman, manufacturer and entrepreneur who became a game pioneer. He once published a portrait of candidate Abraham Lincoln and he developed a way to use his new lithography machine to conceive and create the “Checkered Game of Life”. The Milton Bradley company became the largest game manufacturer in the United States producing games like yahtzee, connect four, twister and battleship.


Image George F. McLean, Class of 1946 was a member of the Lowell High School band and became a missionary oblate in 1948 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1955.  He is a highly educated and well respected scholar and currently serves as the Director of the Center for the Study of Culture and Values and Professor Emeritus, School of Philosophy, The Catholic University in Washington, DC


Image Roger Boisjoly, Class of 1955 was an engineer for Morton Thokiol, the manufacturer of the solid-rocket boosters for the shuttles, and discovered a potential problem with O-rings. Roger wrote warning memos to his supervisors that were ignored. The exact fault in the O-rings occurred leading to the Challenger’s destruction on January 28, 1986, killing all seven aboard including New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe. The new elementary school on Christian Hill is named in her honor. Roger received the Presidential Award from the National Space Society for Professional Integrity and Personal Courage.


Image William Samaras, Class of 1959 was named Headmaster of Lowell High School in 1991 and became an instant champion for Lowell High students. In 1996 Headmaster Samaras oversaw a $40 million renovation which included technology upgrades, a new library and television studio. In 1998, US News and World Report singled out Lowell High School as one of the 96 most outstanding urban high schools in the country. In 2002 his efforts created the “Campaign for Education Excellence” raising nearly $4 million in endowed scholarship funds to assist graduating seniors. 


Image Timothy Sweeney, Class of 1983 is the Executive Vice President, Liberty Mutual Group,and, President, US Personal Insurance managing more than $13 billion in annual revenue focused on individual auto, homeowners and life/annuity insurance products which account for more than one-third of Liberty Mutual’s worldwide revenue. In his capacity Tim is responsible for Direct Mail operations, Consumer Marketing and Advertising, Customer Service, internet distribution and eService. Tim currently serves on the Board of Directors of Blue Cross Blue of Massachusetts. Tim also serves as Co Chair of the Massachusetts General Hospital  “Youth Care” annual gala. This event has raised several million dollars in support of programs assisting autistic children.