2013 Honorees

2013 Honorees



At the outbreak of WW ll, Mary was one of the first women volunteers to be selected for Officer Candidate School in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. After extensive training, then Captain Hallaren led the first battalion of women to the European Theater of Operations.


After becoming the top WAC officer in 1947, Colonel Hallaren worked with General Dwight D. Eisenhower and General George C. Marshall towards merging the women’s corps with the regular Army. On June 12, 1948, the WAC was officially integrated into the Army. 





A distinguished citizen of Lowell, Frank Goldman was widely known not only as a highly skilled lawyer, but as a leading member of United Jewry. He is remembered for his “absolutely unimpeachable integrity of character and honesty.”


Attorney Goldman was the Founder and President of the Lowell Hebrew Community Center, and gained worldwide recognition as a Jewish leader while serving as the  International President of B’nai B’rith, the oldest Jewish service organization in the world. 





The son of Greek American immigrant parents, Arthur, along with his two brothers, has developed the dry cleaning business originally founded by his father, into the forty five store chain that it is today. Arthur and his family have continuously given 100 years of unwavering commitment to dry cleaning excellence and community service. 


As a student, Arthur first earned Honors at the Bartlett School in the Acre, and then as a Carney Medalist and Valedictorian of his class at Lowell High School. Following graduation, Arthur continued to achieve his academic excellence earning honors at Boston University where he served as a Trustee from 1977 to 1980, and is a former President of the BU Alumni.





Princeton Properties, founded by James Herscot in 1973, has become a multifaceted real estate company specializing in apartments, furnished suites and hotels. In 1971, Jim’s career in property acquisition began in Lowell when he purchased his first twenty-four apartments.


Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company is one of the largest property management firms in the Northeast, owning and operating 6,000 apartment units.





George “Micky” Ward is a professional fighter, philanthropist, author, and a son of Lowell, but it is what he has accomplished as a Humanitarian rather than as an athlete that defines Micky.


Growing up, for Micky, as depicted in the movie “The Fighter,” was not easy. Exposed to life’s reasons to fail, Micky persevered and succeeded. A world-wide known individual, Micky is as humble as he is famous and serves as a proud example for young men and women that against all odds, you can succeed, “don’t give up” and “education is the most important thing in a kid’s life.”  When interviewed by the Huffington Post, Micky stated “I kept the faith. It's so easy to quit than it is to stick with it and grind through…”